Door Detective EL

This lower cost option is ideal for when security is paramount but aesthetics are not a major concern. The enclosure is finished in a moulded black Perspex surround.


Traffic Type:

LightMediumHeavyWheelchair accessible


PDF_downloads - Summary Brochure (180kb)

PDF_downloads - Architectural Drawing Pack (439kb) 4th October 2012

Unique Patented Solution to Tailgating -

  • Creates an infra-red field across a doorway to monitor the passage of every individual passing through the door, only alerting staff to the presence of unauthorised entrants.
  • Enforces the "one person one card" rule.

More Secure -

  • Increases the security of access controlled doors, even when open. Door Detective maximises the investment in the access control system, integrating seamlessly with all door hardware.
  • Can be used to trigger CCTV or to lock doors.
  • Helps the access control system maintain anti pass-back integrity.

Direction Sensitive - Door Detective knows which way someone is travelling so if it sees someone go the wrong way it can generate an alarm.

Visitor Entry Systems - Door Detective can be set up to work with visitor entry systems for offices and flats, Door Detective can be set to allow a single person or multiple groups of visitors through without generating an alarm.

Fastest Throughput - Up to 1 person per second means less queues.

Simple Installation and Virtually Maintenance Free

Safety - No physical barrier to cause injury or to impede emergency egress. Compliant with the UK Disabilities and Discrimination Act (DDA).

Discreet - The modern, low-key design guarantees aesthetic acceptability in any location.

Like Having a Guard at the Door 24/7


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